Friday, May 29, 2009

"i just wanna have fun"!

Its coming up for summer and would say I’m a summer girl.

I love summer, I love the sun, I love the heat, I love going to the beach and lake with all my friends. Summer just seems such a great season of fellowship, barbeque's. Its all awesome!!

But I caught myself thinking, thinking about the definition of ‘fun’.

What is fun?

So as We are approaching the summer season our ultimate agenda of summer is FUN,

We gotta look at this from God’s perspective, biblical perspective.
Summer just seems like we end up doing anti-biblical and we pursue pleasure instead!
Anytime you pursue pleasure you are going to face trouble.

Sin is fun, if it was’t fun we wouldn't have any problems. Don’t ever let anyone say to you that sin is not fun. Don’t DE-funk sin.
We are living in a culture, in a world that has bought into a huge lie this false market of what FUN is.
Sin is fun, but sin is fun for ONLY a SEASON
For the moment….. Living for the moment.
think about it
If it’s not fun in the morning it is not fun! If I can’t laugh about it in church it is not fun! Seriously lets get real, lets get honest with ourselves about it.

Seriously what is fun? What defines fun? What does the bible say about fun? What does our culture say? What is fun?? I have a lot of questions as you can see. But we have all found ourselves asking ourselves these questions.

We gotta define the whining teenagers response and even adults
“I just wanna have fun”
Is it a momentary feeling that we have? Is it a substance that we put in our bodies That gives us this feeling.


I have kids saying that its fun! pre-martial sex is fun, marijuana is fun, dirty dancing is fun you know what sin is fun, I'm not going to lie this is all fun but this kind of fun will only last for a season then you will find yourself unsatisfied, empty and confused!

Is it fun when you feel shame and guilt after?

Culture says it is fun. Culture says do it more, and you wont think about it and it will be alright and it’s a vicious cycle over and over and over and over again and it restricts you and puts you in bondage of your own pursuit of pleasure and you are NEVER satisfied!!

I hate hate hate how the enemy has tricked this world with this lie of what fun is, this reality of fun that puts your straight into bondage, that momentary of fun with the person you just slept with when drunk your now pregnant and thinking what did i get myself into? and now your restricted because your going to have a child for the rest of your life or now you have STD.
Hold up for a moment! Don’t get mad of what you just read here, understand that God can transform and restore, what I’m trying to bring us down to is what do we know is fun?

okay Bekah we get the point now, so what is fun? all my friends at school are doing it, they seem to have fun.

John 10:10 New living translation,
The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and
destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

THIS was a huge wake up call for me. – that Jesus, his PURPOSE is to give YOU and I a satisfying life, a full life, a life to ALL its fullness, abundantly to the MAXIMUM!
HELLO??? its says JESUS his purpose, God’s purpose coming down here to earth was to give ME life to the fullest!!

God refuses to call fun what cannot satisfy.
God says fun is fulfillment and he wants to satisfy the desires of your heart!

God says my kinda fun is fulfillment.

What does the bible define as fun? Psalms 16 :11 presence comes before pleasure. If you get God’s presence you get everything! Pleasures forevermore.

Are you having fun yet??
If your not, go back to the book and find out what fun is!!

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